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How long does it take before disability benefits are approved?

When Philadelphia residents are facing difficult circumstances, it is vital that they receive the assistance they need as soon as possible. Each day, week and month without that assistance can make the situation even worse.

This is certainly true when it comes to Social Security disability benefits. Disability benefits can provide a much-needed financial lifeline after a person becomes unable to work due to an illness or injury. However, it can take some time before disability benefits are approved by the Social Security Administration, and it is often important for applicants to shorten that time period as much as possible in order for them to receive the benefits.

Disability benefits expedited for early onset Alzheimer's

Most Philadelphia residents enjoy remembering the good times they have had with family and friends over the years. Individuals often have fond memories of their childhood, or of a longstanding relationship with a loved one. Unfortunately, however, many individuals suffer from different kinds of mental illness that can cause memory impairment.

Last week, for example, this blog discussed the effects of Alzheimer's Disease, in light of the recent death of basketball coach Pat Summitt. Summitt passed away after a five-year battle with Alzheimer's disease.

SSDI benefits available for those with early onset Alzheimer's

One of the sporting world's modern legends, Tennessee women's basketball head coach Pat Summitt, recently passed away. Summitt, who had the most wins in NCAA history, died after a public battle with Alzheimer's disease. She had announced her diagnoses in 2011, and her battle has brought to light new issues faced by Philadelphia residents and others around the country.

About 5 million Americans over the age of 65 have Alzheimer's disease, while another 200,000 under 65 have early onset Alzheimer's. The disease is a serious mental disorder that can not only pose significant problems with a person's physical and mental abilities, but, by extension, his or her ability to continue working as well.

Preparing your claim for disability benefits

An injury can be devastating to a Philadelphia resident. Not only can an injury rob a person of his independence, it can also prevent him from holding down a paying job. A person's inability to earn an income can put him and his family in a difficult financial state of affairs.

If an injured individual qualifies, however, he may be able to secure disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. The process of applying for disability benefits can be complex, though, and it is not uncommon for the agency to deny an individual's claim for financial benefits.

Different disability benefit options for disability sufferers

Social Security disability benefits are an important resource for a number of disabled individuals. Because of the importance of disability benefits for disabled individuals and for many of their families, it is helpful to be aware of the different options available depending on the disabled individual's situation. There are generally two options that may be available through the Social Security Administration (SSA) for disabled individuals, including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

In general, SSDI is available to disabled individuals who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last 12 months or longer or result in death. In addition, SSDI benefits are based on work history and taxable income paid into Social Security. A variety of parties may be eligible to receive SSDI benefits including disabled or blind workers, their children, widowers and adults disabled since childhood. Alternately, SSI benefits are not based on work history and may be available to disabled individuals in different situations.

Social Security disability options for cancer sufferers

Social Security disability benefits are available to help disabled individuals suffering with disabling medical conditions and illnesses. During 2016, greater than 1 million individuals were diagnosed with cancer worldwide. National Cancer Survivors Day was recently observed in the United States. Options for those suffering with cancer may be available for them to receive disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA). One way that the SSA offers disability benefits is through the Compassionate Allowances list.

The Compassionate Allowances list includes medical conditions and illnesses that are considered so severe that they qualify for expedited processing and require minimal medical information. A number of different types of cancers are included on the Compassionate Allowances list. Additional medical conditions that are considered to qualify unquestionably for disability benefits are also on the list. In addition, the SSA has a process to add additional medical conditions to the Compassionate Allowances list.

Receiving Medicare benefits with disability benefits

Individuals suffering from disability have many questions about their future. Whether an individual was born with an impairment or it was acquired later in life due to an injury or an illness, living with a disability can be very debilitating. For some, their disability does not prevent them living a normal life. However, others are living with a serious disability, preventing them from being about to work or perform substantial gainful activity. In those cases, Social Security disability benefits are utilized to recover necessary funds to meet their basic living needs.

While applicants seeking disability benefits are concerned with the application process and what they must do if their claim is initially denied, many are also concerned about their rights concerning medical benefits while they are receiving Social Security disability benefits.

What is the appeal process for denied SSI claims?

For some Philadelphia residents, having a limited income can be very financially straining. When this is due to a disability, an individual might have the opportunity to apply for certain benefits through the Social Security Administration. Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a benefit afforded to those with limited income that have personal assets within the eligibility requirements and are determined to be 65-years-old or older, a disabled or blind adult or a disabled or blind child.

SSI benefits are still available to those who collect Medicaid; therefore, those receiving other benefits should not be deterred from applying for these benefits. However, those that are initially denied should not be deterred and should understand their rights to appeal the decision.

Injured workers applying for disability benefits

Suffering an unexpected injury could greatly impact the lives of individuals in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the nation. Not only are the medical bills and treatment plans overwhelming but the emotional impacts the injury can have on the victim's life are also debilitating. Depending on the severity of the injury, an accident victim may find it difficult to maintain any gainful employment. Because of that, the injured party might need to seek out resources to offset these financial troubles caused by the injury.

The Social Security Administration estimates that Americans have a 30 percent chance of becoming disabled before they reach retirement age. While this is an upsetting figure, there are resources available to those disabled permanently or temporarily due to an injury. Social Security provides the means for disabled workers, their spouses and their children to receive disability benefits.

Helping you understand your Social Security Disability rights

Having ones ability to work be limited is not an easy predicament to be in. This is especially true when an injury or illness has made it difficult for individuals in Philadelphia to work for an extended period of time, or to ever return to work. Such a situation likely presents financial challenges, making it impossible to make ends meet. In these matters, there are government programs available that could provide financial assistance; however, obtaining Social Security Disability, or SSD benefits, is not always easy.

At the law firm of Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo, we are dedicated to advocating for those unable to work due to a disability, ensuring our clients know their Social Security rights. The Social Security process can be confusing and challenging to navigate. Therefore, our experienced attorneys are focused on educating our clients, taking the time to explain the process and understanding the client’s goals when it comes to securing Social Security Disability benefits.

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