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Drug and alcohol abuse and Social Security disability benefits

Pennsylvania residents can suffer from a variety of medical conditions. Some of these medical conditions may be physical while others may impact the person's mental health. People who struggle with drugs and alcohol sometimes fall into both categories. They may have health-related issues and struggle with mental illness. People in the situation may be unable to hold a job or to work at all.

People who are struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction may need financial resources to help make ends meet. Many may be interested Social Security Disability benefits in order to fill the gaps.

What is early onset Alzheimer's disease?

It is recognized that many individuals in the United States are reaching retirement age. As this occurs, there is an increase in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. However, the elderly are not the only population affected by these mental conditions. In fact, between five and 10 percent of all Alzheimer's cases occur to individuals younger than 65-years-old.

These cases are considered early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Early-onset Alzheimer's disease occurs when individuals develop Alzheimer's at a younger age. Alzheimer's affects a person's judgment, language, memory and ability to function normally. Their cognitive abilities and normal brain activity begin to shut down.

When you really need them, SSI benefits are there

It can be very difficult for any individual in Pennsylvania to live with a disability. The very nature of the disability is that it will restrict a person's ability to live normally. However, the disability's disadvantages can be exaggerated when individuals do not have the financial resources to properly treat their conditions. Additionally, even if people have medical resources, but are unable to afford other daily necessities, life can become very difficult. In the United States, there are social networks and financial assistance available to individuals in this situation.

In particular, Supplemental Security Income can help individuals struggling with instability and who have limited financial resources. This money can often be a person's only source of reliable income.

Dedicated accounts for children eligible for SSI payments

It is unfortunate reality in Pennsylvania that some children suffer from serious disabilities. These disabilities might be the result of an accident or they can have occurred at the time of the child's birth. Some of these disabilities are genetic conditions that the child was born with. In any case, children who are living with a serious disability have unique financial needs. This disability can be a drain on the family's financial resources.

In many cases, families are eligible for Supplemental Security Income if their child is suffering from a serious disability. It is important for families in these situations to understand the legal requirements necessary to obtain this much-needed compensation.

What is the purpose of Supplemental Security Income?

For some Pennsylvania residents, it might be difficult to meet his or her financial needs due to a disability or injury. When such a situation occurs, federal benefit programs could be utilized to help the individual achieve a financial level that would allow them to meet the basic cost of living. In most cases, this means applying for Supplemental Security Income or SSI.

Understanding the Social Security disability claims process

When the health of individuals in Pennsylvania is so severely impaired that he or she is unable to work, it might be best for the individual to consider federal programs that are specifically designed for these matters. Social Security disability insurance, or SSDI, was developed to provide long-term financial protection for workers that have paid into the program through their employment. And while SSDI was developed to replace only some of a person's lost work income, it is important to consider what makes an applicant eligible and possible pitfalls one might encounter in the process.

Some applicants fail to timely apply for these benefits because they fear that they will be denied. While the program can only approve a certain number of Social Security disability claims each year, being denied is not the end all for applicants. In fact, many get denied initially; however, applicants are able to appeal this decision, and if administration determines that the applicant does have a severe disability, he or she will likely be approved.

Social Security disability benefits and incarceration

No one is perfect. People make mistakes and those mistakes can affect the course of their future. When people are charged with crimes, a variety of serious consequences can follow. These consequences apply no matter who the person is or what their financial situation may be. If a person is receiving Social Security Disability benefits, these benefits can be affected by a person's criminal record and incarceration.

According to the Social Security Administration, in most cases people are not eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income following a conviction on criminal charges. In particular, if a person is sentenced to more than 30 days in jail, that person cannot receive SSD benefits for any month where the person was incarcerated. This includes a month where a person was only incarcerated for a short time. As long as the total incarceration was more than 30 days the person cannot receive benefits that month.

Does a same-sex relationship affect SSI benefits?

Important changes have taken place across the United States for same-sex couples in the last few months. People in Pennsylvania who are in same-sex relationships need to understand how these changes to federal law affect their legal rights.

In June, the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples in the United States have the right to legally marry. Under this ruling, couples in all states gained the constitutional right to marry. Under this change, couples could get married in any of the 50 states and have that marriage recognized by the federal government.

When an illness is serious, understand your SSDI rights

Pennsylvania residents often get sick in life. People deal with minor colds, the flu and other inconveniences from time to time. However, when people are dealing with serious illnesses, their medical care can become overwhelming. Their entire lives can suddenly become about trying to get well or managing the illness. Sometimes the illness itself can make a person so sick that they are unable to go to work. When this happens, a sick person may soon start to feel a financial burden as a result of their illness.

People may not know how they will make ends meet when they are suffering from a serious illness. Being unable to work can take away their only source of reliable income. If the illness is serious enough, a person may never return to work.

Wait times are burdensome for SSDI benefits

Social Security disability benefits are crucial to people in Pennsylvania who are unable to work because of a disability. People who qualify for SSDI benefits often suffer from debilitating illnesses or injuries. These injuries or illnesses can last for long periods of time and can take significant effort to handle.

SSDI benefits help these individuals receive the financial assistance they need to make ends meet. With these benefits, people can take care of their basic necessities. While this program sounds good on paper, in reality it is plagued with practical problems. Not only is it difficult for many disabled people to apply for SSDI benefits, it can also take a long time for those applications to be approved.

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