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Social Security disability can affect retirement benefits

There are many nuances to the rules and regulations related to obtaining benefits from the various programs administered by the Social Security Administration. Receiving benefits from Social Security disability is no exception in Pennsylvania or any other state. Millions of individuals in the United States rely on disability benefits for their daily survival. However, many may be worried about how their benefits will be affected after retirement.

Many are worried that their disability benefits will be discontinued once they reach retirement age. Although this may be the case for many long-term policies for disability in the private market, this is not so for Social Security disability benefits. Alternatively, these benefits are automatically converted into retirement benefits once retirement age is reached. Also, the amount of the benefits received will remain the same per month as it had been before reaching the age of retirement.

Many eligible elderly are not receiving SSI benefits

Senior citizens are some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. Social Security is one of the few programs operated by the federal government which is aimed at financially helping the elderly. However, it seems that millions of elderly people are currently living in poverty without any financial help from the federal government. Although many in Pennsylvania are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), they are not receiving these benefits.

SSI is different from what is known as disability benefits. Despite being operated by the Social Security Administration, the SSI program does not fund benefits through Social Security taxes that are paid by workers. Instead, SSI is funded via income taxes from businesses as well as individuals. In order to be eligible for SSI, one must either be over the age of 65, disabled or blind.

Social Security disability can affect retirement benefits

Social Security is designed to aid those who are unable to earn enough income to live due to certain circumstances. This monetary assistance is reserved for those who are retired or are disabled. However, many in Pennsylvania are still confused about how obtaining benefits from Social Security disability will affect their retirement benefits.

Disability and retirement benefits are linked within the current Social Security system. When a person needs to collect disability benefits before he or she retires, it can affect how one’s available retirement benefits are calculated. The amount of benefits is calculated based upon the accumulation of benefits during a 35-year employment history. However, for those who have been disabled over a long period of time, they may not be able to obtain a 35-year employment history by the time they retire.

Decisions today can affect SSI earnings in future in Pennsylvania

Most people do not spend too much time thinking about Social Security until the last minute when they are close to retiring. However, there are many decisions that a person makes during his or her working years that can significantly affect how much money one will receive from Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Making the wrong decisions can result in a lower amount on a person’s monthly check for SSI during retirement in Pennsylvania or any other state.

One mistake people make is to work less than 35 years. This can be a noticeable difference since the amount of benefits received from Social Security is based upon the 35 years in which one earns the most income. In other words, each year with higher earnings will cancel out a year with less earnings. Therefore, working for less than 35 years will cause years with no earnings to be factored into calculating benefits.

Recipients of Social Security Disability often misunderstood

There are people here in Pennsylvania and all over the nation who have suffered an injury or been born with a condition that makes it difficult for them to work in the traditional job market. These people may not be able to generate enough -- or any -- income to support themselves. They might have the option of filing for Social Security Disability Insurance that could help them live as normal a life as possible. Sometimes, the rest of society might have some misconceptions about the people who file for these types of benefits, but dispelling those myths is important.

The people who receive disability benefits can only do so if they have a severe impairment that not only makes it difficult for them to work, but will last for a minimum of a year or eventually cause their death. Despite what some might think, the requirements to obtain disability benefits in the United States are fairly stringent. Many of the people who get disability benefits would likely rather be able to work a normal job, but they simply cannot.

Social Security disability trust fund set to run out

The Social Security program is designed to help people when they retire and also when they become too disabled to work. Funding for Social Security comes from two different trust funds, the Social Security Disability trust fund and the retirement trust fund. Many in Pennsylvania will eventually need to utilize the disability fund which the government keeps funded.

The trustees in charge of the trust funds for the Social Security program have estimated that the funds available for both the retirement and the disability trust funds are currently funded through 2033. Incoming tax revenue is the sole source for funding benefits. However, some are worried since Social Security has been operating at a deficit since 2010.

SSDI can help even young people who are eligible in Pennsylvania

The human body is an amazing and well-designed phenomenon of nature. However, the human body is not invincible and can eventually break down for one reason or another. This can be quite a problem if a disability prevents somebody from working and making a living while still young. This is why the government provides Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, many young people are the ones who end up needing SSDI benefits. However, most are unprepared for this type of issue, since many young people do not believe they could be disabled at such a young age. Approximately one-quarter of young people end up suffering serious injuries and become disabled prior to retirement age. SSDI can help these individuals with essential financial assistance, which many times can be life-saving.

Need for disability benefits high for those with mental illness

For those in Pennsylvania who live with one or more forms of mental illness, finding and keeping a job can be a challenge. In fact, statistics suggest that as many as 80 percent of mentally ill people are unemployed. While many might assume that those without a job have chosen that path, the reality can be far more complex. In many cases, individuals who live with a mental health issue are eligible for disability benefits, which can offer a more stable financial future.

A recent report issued by the National Alliance on Mental Illness states that fewer than 20 percent of Americans who are receiving mental health services are also employed. The report’s author asserts that most of the workers want to work but have difficulty finding the support and training they need to be successful on the job. These services are sometimes offered within state-funded public centers.

SSDI covers almost every worker in Pennsylvania

The Social Security system in the United States is an important part of economic protection for many people. The system was created almost 80 years ago to ensure that the citizens of the nation were protected against unexpected hazards and disasters that could threaten one’s financial security in Pennsylvania or any other state. In 1965, lawmakers decided to add Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), because long-term disability insurance on the private market was not providing affordable and adequate protection for workers.

Now, almost every American is covered by SSDI. Today, 91 percent of workers between the ages of 21 and 64 are protected. This is about 160 million workers in the United States. Around 8.9 million workers with disabilities are receiving benefits from disability insurance, which includes over 1 million U.S. veterans.

Important rules for the Social Security disability process

Social Security is meant to help people who have been working when they find themselves in a time of need. Benefits can be used to help financially support oneself during retirement in Pennsylvania or in any other state. On the other hand, many times people will require benefits due to some type of disability. However, it is important to have a good understanding of the legalities surrounding Social Security disability benefits.

In order to receive disability benefits through Social Security, one’s disability must fulfill certain requirements to be eligible. First, the disability must last for a minimum of one year, or the disability must be expected to eventually cause death. However, this does not mean one must wait for an entire year in order to apply for benefits. Those who become disabled and expect to not be able to work for a minimum of one year should apply for benefits immediately.

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